July 12, 2020

When summer arrives in Arlington Heights, it can get sizzling hot. The temperature may rise enough to almost burst the thermometer. That’s when it feels so wonderful to rush into a building that’s blasting with air conditioning.

Today, almost 80% of U.S. homes have air conditioning. However, for an appliance that has become a near essential for Americans, the air conditioner’s contribution to our health and comfort may still be underappreciated. Here are some interesting facts about air conditioning that you might not know.

1. Summer Blockbuster

Do you know the first public place to regularly use air conditioners? It was movie theaters. To get everyone to attend the films early in the 20th century, theaters would release large pictures in the summer. In the 1930s, people flocked the theaters not only to experience the movies but also to enjoy some cool air in the sweltering months of summer.

Both marketers and advertisers took advantage of this trend and reserved their big hits for the summer. Thus, the term ”summer blockbuster” was born.

2. Comfort? Not So Fast

The first-ever air conditioning system wasn’t built for comfort. Willis Carrier had other ideas when he invented the modern air conditioner in 1902. He needed a way to regulate the levels of humidity in a New York public house. The machine was meant to keep his paper from contracting and expanding. This helped ink to quickly dry before it smeared.

3. Say Hello to Improved Indoor Air Quality

According to estimates, over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, but that’s not the interesting part. A good chunk of this number find relief during the months of summer thanks to air conditioners.

The explanation for this is simple. Whether you suffer from year-long allergens such as dust, pet dander, or seasonal allergens, your air conditioner can help you breathe more seamlessly. The HVAC system filters annoying dust particles, and as a result, your indoor air quality is boosted. Such particles are not allowed to snake their way through the HVAC unit to get to your lungs.

Indoor air quality is also improved when your home’s humidity is under control. High levels of humidity breed extra allergens like mold, bacteria, and mildew. Your air conditioning unit works hard to effectively balance your home’s humidity, thus reducing cases of irritants and allergens.

A quick tip: Don’t tune your thermostat fan to the ‘ON’ position throughout the day. Instead, select the ‘AUTO’ position so that it will blow air only when the air conditioner is in operation.

4. Beating Sweltering Heat

Before modern ACs became common, many businesses and offices allowed their employees to take a month-long break in the summer because of the grueling heat. Workers performed sluggishly when the weather got hot, and productivity rates dropped a considerable level.

However, air conditioning enabled employees to work all year round and, in turn, raised their productivity. You can thank the invention of modern air-conditioning for the population and productivity surge in places like Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and Texas. However, much of Europe continues to practice longer summer vacations since many places lack central HVAC systems. Perhaps you could do without the cooling if that meant getting a break from work?

5. For the Love of Health and Everything Medicine

For health practitioners, air conditioners do more than cool the air. Because of the cool and manageable environment that air conditioning offers, doctors have been able to treat different diseases. Unfortunately for the pre-AC world, many types of harmful bacteria would thrive in warmer conditions. A cooler environment is often essential for recovery. Furthermore, scientists have been able to produce important drugs with the help of temperature-controlling technology.

Are You Ready to be the Coolest in Arlington Height This Summer?

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