Water Heater Replacement and Service in Arlington Heights, ILIf you’re searching for the best water heater service in Arlington Heights, IL, look no further than IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co.. We have years of experience servicing and repairing water heaters. When it finally comes time to replace your old water heater with a new unit, we can take care of that as well. Our team can also flush your water heater tank, which can prevent many potential issues and increase the life of the unit.

    Arlington Heights Water Heater Service

    At IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co., we have been servicing and installing Rheem water heaters for more than five decades. If your water heater is having any issues, we can troubleshoot the problem and determine how best to overcome it. We work on both gas and electric units from any major brand, and our crew has the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose any potential issues.

    If you notice any of these problems, it is a sign that you need to have your water heater serviced or possibly replaced.
    • Water leaking from the tank or valves
    • Hot water that looks rusty
    • Loud noises coming from the water heater
    • Water taking too long to heat or not heating at all
    • Pilot light failing to come on or stay lit

    Sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank is the primary cause of many water heater problems. Tap water contains many minerals. As the unit heats the water, some of these minerals will separate from the water and settle at the bottom of the tank. In gas water heaters, this often leads to hot spots that can cause the tank to degrade and begin leaking. With electric units, all that sediment can quickly damage the lower heating element and cause it to burn out.

    Sediment buildup is also the most common reason that water heaters make lots of noise. If you hear knocking or banging sounds coming from your unit, this noise comes from sediment moving around inside the tank. The sediment can trap hot air bubbles. As the bubbles rise, they disturb the sediment, which causes it to knock against the sides of the tank.

    We also offer water heater service in:

    • Palatine

    Local Water Heater Service Experts

    Local Water Heater Service ExpertsIBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co. is a family-owned and -operated heating and cooling business that has been serving residents of Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas for more than 75 years. We are proud to be the top water heater service in the area. In addition to our vast experience, what really sets us apart is our dedication to our customers. When you schedule a service appointment with us, you can rest assured that our team will arrive promptly and ready to quickly resolve whatever issue you’re facing.

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