Water Heater Replacement and Service in Palatine, ILWater heater replacement in Palatine, IL, may be necessary when the old water heater no longer functions the way it should. Sometimes, a water heater service isn’t enough. Though it’s possible to live without a water heater, modern life is much more convenient and easier with a steady hot water supply. It doesn’t matter if it’s a suitcase-sized tankless heater or a standard tank that holds many gallons of water.

    Water Heater Service in Palatine

    Other signs that your water heater may need repair or replacement include water that’s full of grit or is discolored or cloudy. The temperature of your hot water may become unstable. The water may be hot once, then room temperature the next time. If your water heater is over 10 years old or you have to constantly call for it to be repaired, it may be time for a water heater replacement.

    How your water heater is replaced depends on the type of heater you choose. Though you may have had a traditional water tank before, you might opt for a new tankless heater. These heaters are often placed near the point of use such as your sink and deliver hot water instantly without having to store it. Storing gallons of hot water, while convenient, also wastes energy.

    Signs there’s a problem with your water heater:
    • Bad smells in hot water
    • Leaks
    • Weird sounds
    • Water doesn’t heat sufficiently
    • No hot water

    Both the installation of tankless and traditional water heaters are jobs for heating and cooling professionals such as our technicians at IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co.. Installing a tankless water heater after a traditional one requires different fittings, piping, and venting, all of which need to be up to code. It usually takes between six and 10 hours to do this with a two-person crew.

    Replacing a traditional water heater with another one is simpler and quicker. It typically takes about two or three hours. It takes about an hour to remove and drain the old heater, about half an hour to put the new one in place, and another hour to make sure it is properly connected and that everything is up to code.

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    Schedule Water Heater ReplacementThe technicians of family-owned and operated IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co. have been proud to serve the residents of Palatine since 1946. They are NATE-certified and unequaled when it comes to knowledge, skill set, courtesy, and punctuality. Though we are an authorized Carrier dealer and a Lennox premier dealer, we install, repair, and maintain all makes and models of water heaters.

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