January 12, 2022
Furnace Reset in Arlington Heights, IL

Updated 4/30/24

Cold air has infiltrated Arlington Heights, IL, which means that it’s time to rely on your home’s heating system for relief. If your furnace or heat pump won’t respond, resetting it often does the trick. Although each make and model of heat pump or furnace will have a slightly different process for resetting, here’s how to get started and restore comfort to your home.

1. Start With the Thermostat

In many cases, your heat pump or furnace isn’t receiving messages from the thermostat. A programmable or smart thermostat may need to be reset. You can do this with the thermostat’s touchscreen interface. For a smart thermostat, its app on your phone also has a reset function. After resetting the thermostat, you may need to reprogram the temperature settings. For a smart thermostat, you may also need to disconnect then reconnect the unit to your Wi-Fi. It may need to download software updates as part of the resetting process. Once the thermostat restarts, turn up the temperature setting by a few degrees to see if the heat pump or furnace responds. If it doesn’t, proceed to the next steps.

2. Use the Furnace’s Power Switch

Locate the power switch on your furnace. Most furnaces have the switch on the exterior of the metal cabinet that contains the blower unit. Push the switch to the off position. Wait for two to three minutes, then turn it on again. If your furnace still won’t respond, proceed to the next step.

3. Flip the Furnace’s Reset Button

Newer furnaces have a reset button. They are usually yellow or red in color. The placement of the reset button varies by make and model, but they’re usually located within the blower unit. The owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website will have a diagram of where to find the button. You may need a screwdriver to open the metal housing of the blower compartment. Make sure the furnace is turned off before opening the blower compartment. Press the reset button once. Restore power to the furnace. If it won’t pop back up, your furnace has a safety issue that requires a repair. If the reset button flips again after you restore power to the furnace, the safety system may have engaged, and your furnace needs professional troubleshooting by a qualified heating technician.

4. Press the Heat Pump’s Reset Button or Power Switch

Use the heat pump owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website to determine if your heat pump has a reset button. Some heat pumps have two of them. One may be located on the indoor unit, and the other will be located on the outdoor unit. Begin by turning the power off to the heat pump. You will need to reset both units by pressing the buttons or flipping the switches. If your heat pump does not have a reset button, it will have a power switch. Turn the switch off, wait for two to three minutes, then turn the switch on again. If the switch flips back to the off position when the unit tries to start a heating cycle, turn the power off. Your heat pump needs an inspection by an HVAC service technician. Some causes of tripped switches in a heat pump include a refrigerant leak, overheated motor, or an issue with the capacitor.

5. Reset the Circuit Breaker

When your furnace or heat pump won’t respond to the previous steps, try resetting the circuit breaker. Turn off power to the furnace or heat pump with the power switch. Locate the breakers for your heater. Heat pumps often use two breakers. One is for the air handler, and the other is for the outdoor unit. Be sure to flip both off, wait one to two minutes, then turn them both on again. Turn the power switch on for your heater. The heat pump or furnace may need a minute or two to power up and respond. If the unit attempts to start a heating cycle, but it trips the power switch or breaker, turn the system off again and call for repairs.

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1. Why is my thermostat not responding to temperature changes?

If your thermostat isn’t responding to temperature adjustments, it could be due to various reasons such as a power issue, connectivity problem, or faulty settings. Check the power source, ensure the thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi if applicable, and review the programming to ensure it’s set correctly.

2. What should I do if the furnace power switch doesn’t resolve the issue?

If flipping the furnace’s power switch doesn’t solve the problem, it could indicate a more significant issue with the furnace itself. In such cases, it’s best to contact a professional HVAC technician for inspection and repair.

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