double HVAC unitYou can trust the experts at IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co. to provide dependable HVAC services in Golf, IL. Not having consistent temperature control can leave your family very uncomfortable. During the freezing winter and sweltering summer, lackluster comfort can quickly escalate into a safety issue. Fortunately, when you trust IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co., you never have to worry about going without vital heating and cooling. Rely on our experts to care for your furnace, air conditioner, mini-split and more in Golf.

    Professional HVAC Services in Golf

    Even well-maintained heating and cooling systems will occasionally run into problems that require skilled repairs. You may find your air conditioner blowing out warm air or not turning on at all. It’s not uncommon to smell musty or burning odors or notice liquid pooling around the system. Both ACs and furnaces may begin to cycle differently, impacting your home comfort.

    The key to lowering your potential service costs is to request experienced help the moment you spot anything going wrong. Many HVAC concerns are small enough to ignore in the beginning, especially if the system can still produce some temperature control. Unfortunately, the issue will only worsen with time and use, spreading the damage to other components. Prompt repairs decrease the risk of HVAC emergencies and total system shutdowns.

    Reliable Furnace and AC Installation

    If you require repairs several times a year, that could be a sign it’s time for a replacement. The average furnace will last around 15 to 20 years, while air conditioners have lifespans of approximately 15 years. The older your HVAC system becomes, the more efficiency it will slowly lose. Maintenance will keep your furnace and air conditioner as healthy as possible. However, it’s not enough to prolong the system’s lifespan forever.

    Replacing your outdated equipment before it breaks down could save you more money than continuing to use an inefficient system. Waiting too long also carries the risk of leaving you without vital climate control during a peak season. Install a new HVAC system to enjoy a renewed warranty that can help you cover unexpected costs. Modern indoor comfort systems also boast better energy efficiency ratings. You’ll benefit from years of lower monthly utility costs and more reliable heating and cooling.

    Meticulous AC Installation

    Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance

    All HVAC systems require annual preventive maintenance. Homeowners should also complete their own care, which can include routinely changing the air filters and checking for leaks or visible damage. Expert tune-ups offer more in-depth care and are often required by your manufacturer’s warranty.

    During an average maintenance appointment, your technician will inspect your furnace’s heat exchanger, burners, ignitor and blower motor. For an AC, they’ll confirm the coils are still in good condition and make sure the system isn’t leaking refrigerant. Tune-ups include full system inspections, cleanings and lubrication. Your technician may also confirm the health of your ductwork and thermostat.

    At the end of your appointment, your expert will give you a complete diagnostic evaluation. This will help you keep track of your system’s efficiency and projected lifespan. You may also receive occasional service recommendations if certain components are soon about to fail. Scheduling routine preventive care will extend your system’s lifespan while significantly decreasing your need for future HVAC repairs.

    These are a few warning signs that can indicate you’re overdue for professional HVAC maintenance in Golf.
    • New HVAC noises or odors
    • Pooling water around system
    • Inconsistent heating or cooling
    • Unexplained energy bill increases
    • Short cycling
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