July 27, 2021
AC Maintenance in Arlington Heights, IL

Most air conditioners get louder as they age. However, even with a new system, you can still experience a noisy air conditioner. Excessive noise from your AC can be distracting, and if it’s not fixed, it can result in a severe problem. Here are some tips to help you fix your noisy air conditioner.

Inspect the Unit for Dirty or Damaged Fan Blades

Your outdoor condenser casing houses a fan. If falling objects have damaged your fan blades, it could lead to a noisy air conditioner. Be sure to straighten bent fan blades or replace the fan. This could lead to an AC issue more severe than just noise.

With time, your fan blades usually accumulate dust, which could cause some noise from your air conditioner. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to clean them, but be sure that the power is shut down to the unit before you open it up and start cleaning.

Choose a Better Surface and Location

Most air conditioners produce some noise while they’re running. For this reason, you should choose a location for the unit that is far from your bedroom or living area. Additionally, be sure that the air conditioner is on a flat concrete surface. A unit that isn’t level will make more noise and run less efficiently.

Poor installation could also result in a noisy system. Having your AC unit installed firmly will help you quiet disturbing noise.

Tighten Loose Screws and Clips

With time, some of your air conditioning parts might start making noise because of loose screws. As your AC unit runs, some features may shake, and over time, this loosens clips and screws. To fix the issue, inspect and tighten any loose fastenings. Always be sure that the power to the unit is off before you attempt any maintenance.

Inspect for Damaged Compressor and Condenser Parts

Sometimes, the source of your air conditioner noise could be damaged compressor or condenser parts. Ensure that you inspect for any wear and tear, especially with the belts, and replace them if you notice any. For the condenser, check and fix damaged brackets or mount features. It’s a good idea to bring in an AC technician for this step because the average homeowner may not be aware of which parts tend to wear out or be able to spot damaged components.

Installing a Fence

Installing a fence around your outdoor AC unit is another way of reducing the noise and protecting the equipment from storm damage. Be sure to allow a 3-foot space between the fencing and the unit so that the unit still has optimal airflow. Alternatively, you can block the system’s noise by planting shrubs or bushes around your outdoor condenser.

Regular Maintenance

Performing regular AC maintenance will not only help you avoid a noisy AC but also help you increase the lifespan of your cooling system. For best maintenance results, to contact the technicians from IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co..

Use a Soundproof Blanket

Another effective way to quiet your noisy air conditioner is by fitting your compressor with a soundproof blanket. There are various compressor blankets to help you quiet a loud system, and the one you choose will depend on your AC. IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co. can recommend the best compressor blanket for your system and install it.

Install an Air Conditioner Silencer

If you are experiencing a noisy air conditioner, installing a silencer could help you solve the issue. For best results, be sure to contact a technician to help you install the silencer.

Install an Air Conditioner That’s the Right Size

An undersized air conditioner could lead to a noisy system as it works especially hard to cool your house. On the other hand, an AC unit that is too big will also result in a noisy system. Consulting professionals to install one that is the correct size is the only remedy.

Hiring an AC Technician

If you are not familiar with AC systems, seeking the expertise of a trained air conditioner technician is definitely your best option. With a qualified technician, you can be sure of quality service. Working with a professional will help you identify and fix the source of your unit’s noise.

At IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co., we offer reliable and high-quality cooling and heating services to customers throughout Arlington Heights. These include installation, maintenance and repair. We’re also prepared to help with your attic fan, water heater, furnace, humidifier or indoor air quality equipment. For more information about any of these options, call us today.

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