August 3, 2021
AC Installation in Arlington Heights, IL

Misinformation about the best way to operate your air conditioner can be an unseen money drain on your budget. Spend time learning more about proper AC use and energy-efficient settings, and you’ll often see an improvement in comfort. Using bad advice about running your air conditioning can increase utility bills, overwork your equipment, and cause system failures.

Because many of these myths are false, we’d like to help you understand why and what to do instead. Adjusting temperature settings properly and investigating the cost of operation can go a long way to achieving energy efficiency. Take a look at the short guide we’ve put together to assist you. Use this information to enhance your indoor air and enjoy your summer even more.

1. Turn Off Your AC Whenever You Leave Home

Adjusting the temperature settings on your thermostat is a more efficient choice than completely turning off your system. The Department of Energy says raising your thermostat 7-10 degrees is a better option. It claims doing so could save you as much as 10% annually on energy costs. This saves energy when done consistently for eight hours a day. A programmable thermostat can automatically manage this process for you.

2. Use a Ceiling Fan to Cool Rooms

Ceiling fans are great for stirring up the air and keeping the body cool. However, a ceiling fan is not designed to cool the air. It can only push air and direct existing air. Fans feel good in the summer, but they don’t cool rooms. It’s best to turn them off when you choose to leave a room for a few hours. This can keep energy use down.

3. Set the Thermostat Low for Faster Cooling

Your air conditioner can only cool as fast as the speed of its fan. The AC fan blows the cold air from the unit out into the rooms of your home. Most air conditioning products have a single-speed fan and can only operate at that fan speed. Dramatically dropping the thermostat makes the system work harder than it needs to and will not cool the house faster.

IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co. is available to support residential cooling requirements in Arlington Heights. We provide reliable, NATE-certified technicians to handle your air conditioning problems. Let us know how we can work with you to improve your indoor air and keep the cold air flowing.

4. Manage Airflow by Closing Vents

A ducted AC system chills the air and blows it into the ducts and toward a vent or register. Shutting a vent doesn’t prevent the air from being delivered to the vent. It just stops the air from entering a room. When you close vents, pressure can build up inside the ductwork. This can cause leaks to form and even harm the AC unit. Instead of closing a vent, redirect the fins on the vent for better results.

5. Buying a Bigger AC System Is Better

Buying the wrong-size air conditioner for your floor plan can create problems. A unit that’s too large for the home will turn off and on for very short cycles. This is because its capacity is designed for large rooms and floor plans. The constant off and on increases energy bills and will cause unnecessary wear. A bigger AC unit costs more to install and won’t produce the cold air you expect. Choose an experienced technician who knows how to correctly size an air conditioning system.

6. Day or Night, You Pay the Same for Electricity

By not understanding your local power company’s rates, you stand to pay more each month for your energy use. Many utility companies charge higher prices during periods of high demand. Check your energy company’s rates by calling them or reviewing their digital information provided online. Raising the thermostat’s temperature during high demand could help lower overall costs.

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