March 8, 2021
Garage Heater

Garage heating is common for people who use the spaces for hobbies, workshops, projects, or additional living space. You know how it gets cold in the winter if you have a detached garage. The cold in a detached garage can be an issue if you use the space to store valuables like wood or prized cars. It’s unlikely to work on your projects or hobbies if your garage is cold. Therefore, the importance of heating a garage cannot be overrated. Given the variety of heating options available, you don’t have to put up with a cold garage. Read through to discover effective ways of heating your garage in winter.

Assess Your Heating Needs

The first step to effectively heating your garage is to understand how difficult or easy it is to heat the space. Think about your garage size and how cold it gets in your area. You may require professional help to check your garage’s insulation and determine how much heating output you need. British Thermal Units (BTUs) measure the heat output needed for your garage space. Also, consider how warm you want your garage to be, depending on what you store or do in that space.

Insulate and Weatherize

Your energy costs can increase if you plan to use your garage during the cold weather, yet it has inadequate insulation. Insulation and weatherizing are among the best and most effective ways of heating garages and preventing energy loss. Besides, the cost of insulation will ultimately pay off on energy costs saved. Ensure that the garage windows are insulated using double or triple-pane glass. Finish the ceiling to curb heat loss by insulating spaces between trusses and rafters. You can also finish an unfinished ceiling with wallboard. You can also heat your garage by insulating outside doors and sealing the sides and bottom of its entrance.

Electric Garage Heaters

Electric garage heaters are among the best heating options you can select for the winter weather. You plug an electric garage heater into an electrical outlet, and they start circulating hot or warm air immediately into your garage. The best part about electric garage heaters is that you can place them anywhere in the room, including the floor, tablet, or mount from the ceiling or wall. You can use these heaters in garage spaces designed for more than two cars.


Most garages have a giant concrete floor. Such a floor gets extremely cold when the winter season sets in, affecting how well you heat your garage. Consider an array of flooring options for heating your garages, such as carpet tiles or floor mats. An in-floor heating system can be an ideal heating option, especially if you are a part-time mechanic. If you plan to use your garage as extra living space, consider installing wood flooring for effective heating.

Ductless Mini-Split System

Ductless mini-split systems don’t require air ducts to heat air in your garage and are ideal for areas that are not very cold. A single-zone mini-split system unit entails installing an air-handling unit inside the garage and a compressor outside. A conduit connects the two components and powers them with electricity. A ductless mini-split system is a flexible garage heating option that allows you to control heating using a remote.

Electric Ceiling Panels

The radiant electric ceiling panel is an ideal option if you are looking for a primary heating method for your garage. You mount the one-inch-thick panels on the ceiling, enabling it to heat the space quickly and cool down fast. Besides heating your garage, this heating option enhances the aesthetic appearance.

Portable Space Heater

It’s an ultimately simple way to heat detached garages. Portable space heaters are available in an array of sizes to meet different heating needs. The best part is that they are energy-efficient, so they will not triple or double your energy bills. You can use a space heater to supplement insulation other heating sources if you reside in Arlington Heights.

Wood Stoves

A wood stove is a great way to heat your garage if you have a steady and affordable wood supply. Remember to connect the wood stove to proper chimneys as a safety measure. It generates heat to your garage even after you stop feeding it with wood. Wood stoves are great for day-long projects in the garage.

You can choose from the above affordable garage heating options. We have experienced heating professionals to transform your garage space during winter. Additionally, you can turn to our experts to help with humidifiers, water panels, attic fans, boilers, and water heaters. Contact IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co. for more information on garage heating needs in Arlington Heights.

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