May 20, 2022
Window AC in Arlington Heights, IL

Before you put your window AC units in for this upcoming summer season, it’s vital that you give them a good cleaning. This will help to remove any stuck-on debris and ensure that your air conditioning is working to enhance your indoor air quality. If this is your first time cleaning your AC unit, then you’ll want to follow the instructions below carefully.

Remove the Air Filter

The first step in cleaning your window unit is to make sure that it’s unplugged. You should never clean your AC unit or even its filter without unplugging the power going to it. Once unplugged, you’ll want to remove the air filter.

While each window air conditioning unit is designed slightly different than the next, most air filters can be easily removed by pulling them out the side or the front of the unit. In some cases, you may need to remove the front grille cover on your air conditioning unit to access its air filter.

Most air filters from window units are washable. Avoid the common mistake of dunking your air filter in water. You want to start by using your vacuum cleaner to remove large debris from the filter. Once vacuumed, then you can use warm, soapy water to thoroughly wash the rest of the debris on the air filter.

You’ll want to lay your damp air filter out to completely dry. You never want to put a damp air filter back into your window AC unit as it can lead to unwanted mold and mildew growth. Mold spores that enter the air from your AC unit can be damaging to your respiratory system.

Clean the Fins and Coils

For this next step, you’re going to need a can of condensed air that you can purchase online or at your local hardware store. Make sure that you take your window air conditioner outside to perform this step, as you don’t want to introduce any dust or debris into the air inside of your home.

Before you start spraying your AC unit, you’ll want to straighten out any bent fins. It’s not uncommon for the sensitive aluminum fins to bend from slight impacts. You can straighten the fins back out by using a fin comb or a pair of pliers. Next, use your can of condensed air to blow off both the fins and the coils inside your window AC unit.

Clean Your Drip Tray and Drain Tube

Your air conditioning system will have a drip tray below the evaporator coil. When your AC unit is running, it will pull excess humidity out of the air. That moisture develops on the evaporator coil as heat from the air is transferred to the refrigerant inside of the coil. Water will proceed to drip down the coil, into the drip tray, and eventually through the drain.

You’ll want to remove the drip tray if possible. Give it a good scrubbing to remove limescale buildup. Pouring white distilled vinegar down the drain tube will help to remove any hard water buildup. You’ll want to run a steady stream of water through the drain tray and down the drain to ensure that there is no blockage. Go ahead and reinstall your drain tray.

Spray Your AC Unit With Hydrogen Peroxide

Once you reassemble your entire window AC unit, there’s one last thing you’ll want to do before putting in your window. You’ll want to take 3% hydrogen peroxide and put it into a spray bottle. Use gloves and eye protection during this step to protect yourself.

You’ll want to spray a coating of hydrogen peroxide over the components of your AC unit where air travels. This will help to reduce its risk of developing mold and stuck-on grime in the future. Make sure the hydrogen peroxide completely dries before you put your AC unit in your window for your safety.

Regular Filter Cleaning

It’s crucial to mention that your AC unit filter needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis. You don’t just want to run your window AC unit all summer long without cleaning its air filter. This will not only cause poor indoor air quality. It will also cause your AC system to work inefficiently, which could mean a higher utility bill for you.

Professional AC Services

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