March 2, 2024

Mini-split air conditioning systems have become increasingly popular in recent years as an efficient and customizable way to cool and heat homes. Unlike traditional central AC systems, which require ductwork throughout a home, mini-splits use one or more compact indoor units mounted on walls or ceilings that connect to an outdoor condenser. This allows you to tailor cooling to specific rooms rather than the whole home. If you’re considering whether it’s time to upgrade an older mini-split system, IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co., a leading HVAC provider serving the Northwest Suburbs, can assist with installation and replacements. Below are some key signs it may be time for an upgraded system.

Your Current System is Old

The average lifespan of a mini-split system is 10-15 years. Past this age, the efficiency and performance of your unit will start to decline. Older mini-split systems use older technology that is less energy efficient than today’s models. This means you may be spending more on energy bills to run an outdated system. Older parts are also more prone to breaking down and needing repairs. Given the costs of continually fixing an aging system, it often makes better financial sense to invest in a new, warranted mini-split that will operate optimally for years to come.

Your Energy Bills are Increasing

Have you noticed your cooling and heating bills creeping up year after year? I know it’s frustrating to see those costs rise when you haven’t changed anything. A new high-efficiency system can help reduce energy costs. Modern mini-split systems use inverter technology, which allows the system to adjust cooling and heating output based on the current temperature. Units with a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) will convert energy to cooling and heating more efficiently, saving you money monthly. Upgrading from an older 8 SEER system to a new 15 SEER model could cut your cooling costs by almost half. That’s money back in your pocket!

Parts are No Longer Available

Over time, manufacturers phase out the production of parts for older model mini-splits. Finding a replacement for a broken part gets harder once a system is discontinued. And even if you can track down the part, it is likely to be expensive for an obsolete model. When faced with a repair that costs more than half the price of a new system, replacement becomes the better option. New mini-split systems come with warranties on parts ranging from 5-10 years. That gives great peace of mind.

The Refrigerant is Now Banned

Older mini-split systems often utilize refrigerants that have since been banned due to negative environmental impacts. R-22 refrigerant was commonly used but is being phased out under EPA rules. New mini-split systems instead use more environmentally friendly refrigerants like R-410a. It is illegal for HVAC technicians to top off or repair leaks in systems using banned coolants. A new unit will come pre-charged with acceptable refrigerant.

You Need More Cooling Capacity

Has your cooling system been struggling to keep up during periods of hot weather? Or perhaps you’ve finished an addition to your home, but your current system doesn’t reach the new space. A mini-split system that is too small for your cooling needs will run constantly to try and maintain a comfortable temperature. This leads to inefficient operation, shorter equipment life, and frustratingly warm rooms. No one wants to deal with that! Adding extra indoor units can help, but upgrading to a system with greater BTU cooling capacity may be required to properly condition expanded or poorly insulated spaces.

You Want Smart Technology

One of the benefits of a modern mini-split is integration with smart home tech and wi-fi. Many new systems allow app and voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can adjust temperatures, change modes, and set schedules from your phone or with voice commands. Advanced monitoring features can provide maintenance alerts and track energy use over time.

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If you answered yes to any of the above signs, it may be time to upgrade your mini-split system. IBBOTSON Heating & Air Conditioning Co. has over 75 years of heating and cooling experience serving homeowners in the Northwest Suburbs. As authorized dealers for leading brands like Lennox and Carrier, we can recommend the perfect mini-split solution for your home’s needs and budget. Our NATE-certified technicians will ensure your new system is properly sized, installed, and optimized for performance. In addition to mini-split installation, we offer AC tune-ups, comprehensive maintenance plans, ductwork cleaning, and 24/7 emergency repair services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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